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Brancalonia Setting Book & the Macaronicon D&D 5th Edition 2 book bundle from Archeron Books

Bonhomie Games is a proud Kickstarter backer of the Brancalonia Spaghetti Fantasy RPG project This Kickstarter bundle comprises two books.

Book 1 - Brancalonia Setting Book

Based on Italian tradition, folklore, history, landscapes, literature, and pop culture, Brancalonia is a Campaign Setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game ever. Enter the Kingdom of Brancalonia, a land full of pitfalls and money-making opportunities. Create your own band of Knaves, enlist in a free company, get yourself some well-paid jobs, deliver a fifist-and-knife buffffet to those who have it coming. Once you have collected a tidy sum and somewhat climbed the ranks of your company, you’ll be ready to try your luck in that final job that could enable you to go out in a blaze of glory... After all, what could possibly go wrong?

In this book you can find:

• A general description of the Kingdom, its history and its main regions.

• 5 new playable races, in addition to the human, taken from Italian tradition and folklore..

• 12 new subclasses, one for each of the basic classes, like the benandante and the superstician; the sword-player and the brigand; the miraculist and the friar.

• New Backgrounds, Talents, Equipment, and Magic Items typical of Brancalonian Knaves.

• Secrets, threats, curiosities, places of interest, rumors, and game hints for the Condottiero, including random tables generator for Dives, Memorabilia and Roads to nowhere!

• New Setting Rules: Dive Games, Brawls, Shoddy Equipment, Misdeeds, Notoriety, Bounties, Den management, Revels, and Prophecies.

• In Search of Quatrins: a collection of 6 adventures set in difffferent parts of the Kingdom.

• 24 new monsters and antagonists, inspired by Italian history, tradition, and folklore.

• And so much more...

Book 2 - the Macaronicon

The Macaronicon is the first official expansion for Brancalonia, the Spaghetti Fantasy Setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game ever. This module collects every stretch goal unlocked during the crowdfunding launch campaign, in Spring 2020.

In this book you will find:

• New options for the Knaves, such as the new Puppeteer class and subclasses, ten new subclasses, three new races, two new subraces for the Marionette, and many new Background options.

• A wagon-load of new equipment of any kind.

• A ton of new spells and invocations to the Saints.

• Rich insights about many Brancalonian topics: from the Extravaganza to the Relics, from the nature of Marionettes to monster cooking.

• New creatures and adversaries, such as Relic and the Hob.

• Seven new jobs unlocked during the campaign

• Insights on four cities in the Kingdom, including detailed maps, secret locations, and adventure hints.

• And so much more...

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