Hi, I'm Jo Watkins and this is Bonhomie GamesWe stock a delightful al la carte gaming menu of classic games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Dixit alongside new and innovative independent tabletop games (especially those designed by women). We often seek out games funded via crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, and as a retailer we support Kickstarter projects throughout the year. 

We'll bring you family games, card games, co-operative and treacherous games, games for women and by women - providing some unique games insight along the way from a wife, mum and gamer girl (and her trusty sidekick Cris).  


Some of our new arrivals can be seen below, and also check out our Dungeons and Dragons and board games pages for more of our favourite games.

Nanty Narking
£70.95 *
Timeline Classic
£11.99 *
Camel Up 2.0
Old price £36.99
£33.75 *
RuneQuest Glorantha Slipcase Set
Old price £99.99
£94.99 *
£52.75 *
Paladins of the West Kingdom
Old price £50.00
£40.00 *
Quirky Circuits
£40.00 *
D&D Essentials Kit
£24.99 *
Terraforming Mars Turmoil
Old price £34.99
£32.00 *
Avernus Infernal War Machine
Old price £67.99
£57.99 *
Marvel Champions: The Card Game
Old price £59.95
£49.95 *
Monsters! Monsters! and Toughest Dungeon
Old price £36.00
£30.00 *
Hero's Journey Hard Cover + PDF
Old price £42.29
£35.00 *
Hero's Journey Soft Cover + PDF
Old price £34.60
£25.00 *
City of Zombies 2020 Ultimate Edition (Age 6+)
Wurm RPG
£31.99 *
Old price £139.99
£119.99 *
The Stygian Library
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