Safety and wellbeing

Safety and wellbeing

Dice on the Borderlands carries £1mn public liability insurance, and in addition to Cadw's own safety proceedures a full Risk Assessment has been carried out for the event.

You can receive a copy of the Risk Assessment on request. This page carries some headlines for all attendees to make for a comfortable visit.

Thanks for your interest in the event.

If any of the following is unclear please ask.

If any of the following seems at all heavy handed, remember we are all responsible for one another's wellbeing and for creating an event and atmosphere where everyone can have fun. In the unlikely event that any of you disagree with that outlook, it is likely that this is not the event for you.

  • The event is taking place in an ancient monument - the oldest post-Roman complete building in the UK as it happens (cool, huh?). As such some areas can be slippery when wet and some floor surfaces are uneven.  Please watch your step and remember the biggest risk on site is from slips, trips and falls. Please wear appropriate footwear.
  • For your general wellbeing please remember the event is taking place in the early Spring in Wales. Weather can be variable so please dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • Game Masters will be asked to provide suitable in-game safety tools and assign their game a suitable age rating for content and complexity.
  • Game Masters are expected as a minimum to use an 'X' card and explain it's use at the table.
  • Only games signed off by the event organisers can be run during the day.
  • Whilst there are electrical points in the Earl's Chamber, only new (less than 12 month old) or PAT tested equipment should be used.
  • Parents and carers remain responsible for their children at all time and must remain on site.
  • Parents and carers should read the guidance page specifically intended for them.
  • Volunteers helping with set up and tear down need to receive a short safety briefing before starting work, including guidance on lifting and carrying.
  • There will be young participants, neurodiverse participants and the wider general public on site during the day. Appropriate and respectful behaviour is expected of all participants.
  • The event organisers think that diversity is good for gaming.  In the words of Wil Wheaton on the Tabletop gaming stream - 'Don't be a dick' and everything else will take care of itself.

Both Cadw and the event organisers reserve the right to cancel any given game and ask one or more participants to leave if there are safety concerns or behaviour is deemed inappropriate.


Please be aware

- you can bring your own food for lunch if you wish (please take your litter away with you)

- the castle itself doesn't have toilets inside the building - they are on the other side of the castle car park


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