Esoterrorists RPG Worldbreaker

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Worldbreaker for Esoterrorists RPG

by Robin D Laws, from Pelgrane Press

The Tearing of the Veil Is Nigh

An Appalling Summoning…

Demons of the Depths, Awakened…

Slaughter on Your Mapping App…

Ebola Insurgency…

… and, of Course, Murder Clowns

For decades, the Ordo Veritatis has fought the Esoterrorists: occult operatives bent on ripping apart the membrane between our reality and the demonic vortex of the Outer Dark. Today, that threat becomes reality, as a barbaric ritual in an underground club touches off a series of coordinated assaults designed to break our world forever.

Written by Robin D. Laws, creator of GUMSHOE and the Esoterror setting, Worldbreaker brings Esoterror’s cosmic endgame center stage in a world-spanning campaign of high-stakes investigations. After a gore-spattered prologue, players choose from four harrowing interlocked scenarios they can tackle in any order—staking life, limb and mental stability against those who would destroy everything we know.

From caverns deep below Belize to an arms dealer’s warehouse in Transnistria, from Silicon Valley offices to haunted, rebel-held forests of Nigeria, your agents unravel the schemes of monsters both metaphorical and literal. Battle deconstructed animals, opportunistic demons, body-stealing parasites, and otherworldly PR agents. Put together the clues that lead to the conspiracy’s mastermind, and the most powerful and destructive Outer Dark Entity to ever squeeze through a hole between realms.

Can you keep the world unbroken? And how many agents will you lose along the way?

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