Orbital Blues Electric Sheep Shuffle

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Orbital Blues RPG - Electric Sheep Shuffle Adventure

Indie Kickstarter SciFi RPG adventure from SoulMuppet Publications

Bonhomie Games is a proud Kickstarter Backer of the Orbital Blues RPG - a game about sad space cowboys, blending wry humour and inspirational elements from TV shows such as Firefly and Cowboy Bebop.

Brequin station is a small rest-stop in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't offer much, just a top-notch mechanic and a cozy little bar, generic fast food and temporary little lodgings.

Some time recently, a salesman set up shop, and is promising something incredible: A way to make your ship Part of the Crew (tm).


An Artificial Intelligence-powered module for your Orbital Blues campaign. It can fit into any game of Orbital Blues, and locations can be moved to other parts of your universe. This module also includes a station to serve as the backdrop of this setting.

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