To Save A Kingdom

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To Save A Kingdom Adventure Path for Level Up 5e - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Roleplaying Game from EN Publishing (A5E)

Bonhomie Games is a proud Kickstarter Backer of A5E

Adventure Path (or Campaign - if you're an old fart like me) for levels 3 to 13 for DnD and A5e

To Save a Kingdom is a beautiful 400-page hardcover adventure path for D&D 5E and Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition funded via Kickstarter!

The To Save A Kingdom adventure path follows on directly from the earlier Memories of Holdenshire adventure (also available from Bonhomie Games), and begins in the town of Hengistbury.

It contains three adventures — To Slay A Dragon, To Stake A Vampire, and To Smite A Fiend.

This hardcover includes...

  • 3 epic adventures, pitting the heroes against a fiery dragon, a sinister vampire lord, and a mighty fiend.
  • Over 75 new monsters, such as the vampiric dire bear, Sheeltielle the Queen Spider, and the dwarven sunderknight.
  • Nearly 40 new exploration challenges, including a whirlpool, a mindrending gas trap, and engulfing moors.
  • Over 20 new magical items, like the shadow compass, the skull goblet, and the hammer of vengeance.
  • New mundane weapons and equipment, such as the bog sled, quickbow, or the bolas.
  • An overview of the world of Elissar, its lands, and its cosmology. In-depth details about the village of Hengistbury, its people, and its locations.
  • A new culture, background, and 10 new feats.

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