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OSRIC 2.2 OSR D&D Retro-clone HARD COVER edition

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You are looking at a brand new copy of OSRIC 2.2 RPG Core Rules Old School Reference and Index Compilation

This is an AD&D 1st Edition Retroclone

Black & White HARD COVER by Matt Finch, Edited by Stuart Marshall

OSRIC 2.2 is a complete RPG system - part of the heart of the OSR (Old School Renaissance) movement of retro-clone RPG rulesets, enabled by the Wizards of the Coast Open Gaming License.

OSRIC 2.2 is a retro-clone of AD&D 1st edition and runs to 400 pages.

This book represents a compilation of rules for old school-style fantasy roleplay gaming, and is intended to reproduce the underlying rules used in the late 1970s to early 1980s. The rules cover the breadth of subject matter which were originally incorporated in the Players Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual - a complete standalone RPG.

This is a brand new HARD COVER version of the book, including 413 spells, 285 monsters, 331 magic items, 7 races and 9 classes. Including over 100 original illustrations

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4 - 4 of 15 results