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The Stygian Library

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The Stygian Library - Remastered

Hard Cover

OSR D&D B/X BECMI Dungeon Adventure by Emmy Allen, published by Soul Muppet Publications

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The Stygian Library is a creepily genteel dungeon set in an infinite extradimensional library.

Originally published by Emmy Allen of Dying Stylishly Games in 2018, it won a Judges' Spotlight award at the 2019 Ennies.

The original book was illustrated with Public Domain art and printed through DriveThruRPG Print-On-Demand, but now Dying Stylishly have partnered with SoulMuppet Publishing to create a remastered version. The new edition features the artistic talents of Alec Sorensen, who has previously worked on such great RPG books as Electric Bastionland and Obachan Panic.

The Stygian Library is a procedurally-generated library dungeon set in the extra-dimensional space between every library in the universe.

Each expedition generates its route as it explores, resulting in new locations and forbidden knowledge being discovered with every visit.

Included within:

Systems for generating locations within the library, including Entrance Foyers, Map Galleries, Tea Rooms, Planetariums, Calculation Engines, Phantom Databanks, Paper Beehives, Phantom Pumps, Jarred Brains and the Sheol Computer.

40 monsters tailored to the Library, including Lantern Bearers, Skeleton Crew, Origami Golems, Guardian Shades, Lost Souls, Ink Elementals, Animate Spells, Archivist-Liches, Infernal Merchants, Escaped Fictions, Educated Rodents, Conceptual Wells and the orders of Librarians themselves.

A system for searching for specific knowledge within the library's depths, as well as 30 unusual books and the secret knowledge they contain.

Tables for generating treasure, dreams, rumors, and various other useful details.

A unique class of Mummified Sages, post-human academics who've dwelled in the Library for decades or more.

It's a big spooky library full of dangerous knowledge, spiritual automata and ghost-fueled computers.

The adventure includes stats and sparse amounts of mechanics intended to be broadly compatible with most old-school RPG systems, and easily adapted to any other fantasy RPG.

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