Alana's Animals

Alana's Animals

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Alana’s Animals is an early years maths game that’s a brilliant and fun way to improve maths through play. It’s a powerful learning tool hidden within an engaging and addictive card game.

Alana’s Animals helps pre-school children develop their numeracy and problem-solving skills easily and effortlessly while playing.

It’s perfect for homes, nurseries, and schools.

“This is a fun game, perfect for young kids, but with a true depth of play that will appeal to even the most tactical game player. The stealth math and vocabulary content don’t get in the way of the gaming elements. Don’t let the cute artwork fool you – this is well worth putting on the table.”

Mike Hargreaves ★★★★★

“Usually the thought of playing a maths game with the kids fills me with dread, either because it is too complicated or takes far too long to play, but I actually enjoyed this game. There are a few ways to play, and it teaches children without being boring. The cards all have colourful and fun pictures of animals and some have things hidden on them as a little bonus game.”

Louise Goodenough ★★★★★

“What a find! Finally, an early years maths game that is great fun, exciting, and educational. I bought Alana’s Animals whilst searching high and low to satisfy my grandson’s appetite for endless game playing and was delighted when it was such a success.“

Julie Rodgers

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