Flick 'em Up Dead of Winter Dexterity Game

Flick 'em Up Dead of Winter Dexterity Game

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Flick 'em Up! Dead of Winter Cooperative Dexterity Game... with possible Traitor!

Based on the best-selling game Dead of Winter, form your group of 10 survivors and explore the city 
with 10 scenarios. Shhhhhh! The slightest sounds will wake the zombies! With the new - and terrifying - Zombie Tower, 
you’d better be ready and raring to go when the zombies attack! Are you ready to flick some zombies? Welcome to the crossover made in heaven: Flick’em Up - Dead of Winter.

Immerse yourself in 10 different scenarios with mind-blowing scenery and components that will transform your table into the post-apocalypse wasteland of a zombie invasion. With your team of 10 well-known survivors from the Dead of Winter world, search high and low to gather resources and weapons to survive the trials ahead. Danger lurks everywhere, but you must put your fears to rest and confront the dead while you still can. Learning to flick and handle new weapons will be key against zombies. Control the accuracy of your sniper gun, the striking strength of your baseball bat and the effectiveness of your knife throwing before facing a zombie. You should know it by now: Zombies are merciless!

CONTENT: 11 Plastic Survivors with backpacks and stickers 11 SURVIVOR BOARDS 18 Plastic zombies with stickers 1 Zombie Tower 4 vehicles 6 buildings 65 CARDS 100 Tokens 4 city limits 47 other pieces

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