Brave Zenith

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Brave Zenith

Bonhomie Games is a proud Kickstarter Backer of the Brave Zenith RPG - part of the Latin American Breakout series from Soulmuppet Publications

Brave Zenith is a post-fantasy tabletop RPG, set in a world inspired by Brazilian culture and long summer nights playing JRPGs on a pirated PS1.

With a set of simple interpretative rules, that focus on player creativity and imagination, explore the ruined world of pastpresent, meet colourful (and deadly) creatures, see the sights of the Second City, partake in delicious Monkey Oil and become an adventurer: ambitious, indebted, BRAVE.

Choose from 3 unique origins:

Humans - lovers of ideology, probably depressed (and responsible for ending the world).

Catfolk - cats that walk and talk, lovers of food and hospitality.

Jellies - wobbly and goofy, unburdened by tradition, possibly delicious.

Pick one of 6 exciting vocations:

Freelancer - Hit stuff, be strong, wear a cool jacket.

Mixologist - Make up your very own special grog, get drunk, make friends. Thief - Steal stuff, create disguises, leave no locked door behind.

Magic User - Create spells, manipulate the mists, wear a cool hat!

Dancer - Feel the secret rhythm of the world, turn your body into a weapon.

Hunter - Become one with nature, use your poisonous tongue, get a cool pet.

And face over 10 unique creatures in your adventures:

Capymera - Half capybara, half jabberwocky, 100% monstrous.

Observer - Eldritch sea urchins with laser eyes. Behold their glory.

Mermaids - Kids turned into 4 armed sea creatures, ready to steal your stuff.

Written by Giuliano Roverato. Layout by Tatyane Frankalino. Art by Alex Damaceno and Silva João. Editing by Maik Malik.

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