Flamme Rouge Board Game - by Lautapelit

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Flamme Rouge by Lautapelit

Flamme Rouge is a fast-paced, tactical bicycle racing game where each player controls a team of two riders: a Rouleur and a Sprinteur.

The players' goal is to be the first to cross the finish line with one of their riders. If more than one rider crosses the line in the same round, the one who gets furthest across wins. Players move their riders forward by drawing and playing numbered cards, which show how far each rider moves.

Anyone can race, few become champions!


  • 4 player boards
  • 8 cyclist models
  • 21 double-sided track tiles
  • 120 energy cards
  • 60 exhaustion cards
  • 6 stage cards
  • 4 reference cards
  • Rules in English, German, French and Spanish
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