Halfsies Dice

(Set: Queen's Dice)

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We are delighted to stock no less than 16 different sets of Halfsies Dice from indie designer GateKeeper Games.

Each set contains 7 dice:

D20, D12, D100, D10, D8, D6, D4

If there is a set that you would like that you cannot see in stock, do email us via jo@bonhomiegames.uk and we'll search the dice dungeon to see if we have it!

Product variations
Phoenix Dice
Set: Phoenix Dice
£12.00 *
Queen's Dice
Set: Queen's Dice
£12.00 *
Set: DaVinci
£12.00 *
Mother Earth
Set: Mother Earth
£12.00 *
Set: Superdice
£12.00 *
Joker Dice
Set: Joker Dice
£12.00 *
Sky Current
Set: Sky Current
£12.00 *
Treat Dice
Set: Treat Dice
£12.00 *
Gamma Dice
Set: Gamma Dice
£12.00 *
Yin Yang
Set: Yin Yang
£12.00 *
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