War of Whispers

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War of Whispers 2nd Edition

Starling Games

Bonhomie Games is a proud Kickstarter backer of this second edition of the War of Whispers Game

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The War Rages On

Marching under war-torn banners, the mighty armies of the five empires clash on blood-stained battlefields, each legion an exemplar of their virtue in war: The reach of the Eagle. The ferocity of the Bear. The endurance of the horse. The power of the elephant. The pride of the lion. But true power lies in the shadows with a serpent, a spider, a raven, a rat. This is not a war for the mighty, with battles waged on the open field. This is a war for the cunning, with battles waged in webs of deception…

Five mighty empires are at war for the world, but you are no mighty ruler. Instead, you'll be playing a secret society who is betting on the hopeful victors of this war while pulling strings to rig the results and ensure your bets pay off.

Bonhomie Games says: If you have time, look up Shut Up & Sit Down's video review of (aka 'love affair with') this title. If you like Game of Thrones style epic politics, you'll love this 60 minute mini epic.

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