Grimtooth's Trapsylvania

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Grimtooth's Trapsylvania HARDBACK EDITION

A Kickstarter funded Sourcebook for Grimtooth's Traps Locations

Including stats for Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC)

But Bonhomie Games says: Given the origin and nature of this material, it is a pretty straightforward job to translate this into Tunnels and Trolls, D&D or the many OSR titles.

Bonhomiegames is a proud Kickstarter backer of this excellent title from Goodman Games. These editions are hardback 

For the first time ever: the Legendary locations of Grimtooths Traps revealed! And fully compatible with DCC RPG! For over 30 years Grimtooths numerous Traps books have horrified players and inspired gamemasters with hundreds of dangerous devices, deadly deathtraps and hilarious hijinx! Now Grimtooth (with a little help from kid sister Grimtina) will take you on a personally guided tour of his realm and the central hub of his vast Traps empire.

Run your own Grimtooth campaign or pick and choose locations you can use in your own single location adventures. Explore Grimtooths caverns, visit his Inner Sanctum, escape the Deathmaze Testing Center, attend Warthogs School for Trolls, take a ride on Grimtooths Airship, tour Grimtinas Petting Zoo or get lost in the Infinite Corridor of Hallways and many more gigantic places of doom.

Each of these infamous locations include maps, descriptions, Non-player character details, scenarios, all with in-depth DCC stats and lots of art by Traps artist SS Crompton. And can you uncover the horrendous secret that lies deep beneath Grimtooths caverns and back into his familys history?

Its a great read and a useful campaign setting all in one book. What are you waiting for? Get yours today! 

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