Fateforge Rider of Kaan RPG Bundle

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Fateforge 5th Edition D&D Core Rules and Setting

Rider of Kaan Kickstarter Bundle

Bonhomie Games is a proud Kickstarter backed of this 5th edition D&D RPG setting and rules set from Studio Agate

Studio Agate are creators of the multi-award winning Shadows of Esteren RPG

This listing includes Kickstarter special goodies including stretch goal items 

This bundle is the equivalent to the Kickstarter Rider of Kaan bundle and includes:

Fateforge Core Rules 'Adventurers' Book - 400 pages of rules and background, colour, hard cover

Fateforge Spells in the 'Grimoire' - 320 pages colour, hard cover

1 x poster sized City Map (Kickstarter Extra)

4 x A4 art prints (Kickstarter Extras)    

PDFs of the core rulebooks, city map and also a full adventure by Ed Greewood, creator of D&D's Forgotten Realms setting, but set in Eana - the Fateforge core setting.

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