Traveller 5 RPG Slipcase Set

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Traveller 5 RPG Slipcase set

Traveller 5 is the newest edition of the most popular and successful science-fiction role-playing settings of all time. Chronicling the high tech future of a star-spanning empire and thousands of worlds, species and cultures. Traveller is filled with challenges and adventure. With rules for character creation (including androids, genetic engineering, aliens and robots), combat, high technology, starships and more, Traveller5 has everything players need to start playing in the universe of the far future.


Core Book 1- Characters and Combat

Core Book 2- Starships

Core Book 3 - Worlds and Adventures

Bonhomie Says: You may be asking 'what's the difference between the current Mongoose Edition of Traveller RPG, and this Far Future Enterprises Edition?'  In brief, Mongoose is the closest edition in print to 'classic Traveller' in rules and setting.  This FFE edition is from the original author of Traveller, Marc Miller, and has fractionally different rules.  Most importantly Marc's own tailored view of the setting runs through this FFE edition.  So, you have a choice between the classic flavour of Mongoose Traveller, or the author's best most up to date vision of how the game should be today.  And of course, we stock both. Choices eh?!

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