Level Up 5e Dungeon Delvers Guide

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Dungeon Delver's Guide - for Level Up 5e - Advenced Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Roleplaying Game from EN Publishing (A5E)

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The Dungeon Delver's Guide is a resource for Narrators that want to create compelling and deadly mazes and lairs, and adventurers who want to venture below and return to the surface alive.

New archetypes (classes), heritages, and cultures (races/species), from ratling filth druids to dolppelganger spell spinner warlocks

New gear, spells, mounts, and magic items to prepare your adventurers against subterranean threats


Dozens of clever traps, tricks, and puzzles that challenge players instead of punishing them

How-to guides for building satisfying underground adventures

A quick dungeon-building system that lets narrators -- and characters! -- build unique, thematic dungeons and lairs Premade dungeons for characters of any level, ready to drop into an existing campaign

A guide to the haunted cities and midnight seas of Underland, the weird realm beneath the earth

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