Black Hack Black Box RPG Retro-clone

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You are looking at a brand new copy of the Black Hack 2nd Edition Black Box RPG from the Black Hack Redux Kickstarter 

Bonhomie Games is a proud Kickstarter Backer of the Black Hack Redux

The multi-award winning Old School Renaissance RPG from Peter Black.


  • Foil-printed black box
  • 2 double-sided drop tables
  • Hard cover A5 124 page Black Hack Second Edition rule book
  • A5 24 page rules booklet
  • A7 16 page Arcane Spells booklet
  • A7 Divine Prayers booklet
  • A6 20 page Lore booklet for writing notes/rules
  • A6 20 page Locales booklet for drawing maps
  • 2 double-sided, laminated Quick Ref cards
  • 10 character sheets
  • 3-panel GM's screen
  • Sorrowset mini-setting
  • soft cover A5 40 page Classic Monsters book
  • a black pencil and a badge.

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