City of Zombies 2020 Ultimate Edition (Age 6+)

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City of Zombies Ultimate Edition Family educational mathematics game age 6+ Newly revised for 2020 

City of Zombies the Ultimate Edition Aliens are invading and turning everyone in the City into Zombies… can you survive until the Rescue Plane lands? Team up with family and friends, and play together against the Zombies to win. Take turns to roll and combine your dice in any way you can think of to reach a Zombie’s strength to defeat it. Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide your way to victory. Learn to power up and power down your dice (Squaring and Square Rooting) and take out even more Zombies on your turn. Clear the board of Zombies and save human survivors before the next wave of Zombies appear! The more survivors you save the higher your score, but watch out! Let a Zombies reach your barricade and you’ll lose survivors!

The Ultimate Edition features:

4 levels of play – from Beginner to Master.

New Alien bosses to battle claim a reward every time you defeat one.

All new Items to find and use in your fight against the advancing Zombie horde.

Powerful new Heroes - play as one of 18 new Heroes, each with their own powerful special move.

New Zombies including prime number Zombies, negative number Zombies and super strong Zombies that can only be defeated by using Mega Power Ups (cubing).

Design your own Zombies and Heroes to use in the game with the blank cards included.

City of zombies the ultimate edition is the third printing of the award-winning Family game that improves numeracy through play.

Winner Best Family Game, Best Numeracy Game, Players Choice Award and the Dice Tower’s Seal of Approval. Recommended by National Numeracy

Designed with colour blind players in mind

1 to 6 players | 25-45mins | Ages 5 to 105!

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