City of Zombies 2016 Ultimate Edition (Age 6+)

City of Zombies 2016 Ultimate Edition (Age 6+)

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New for Winter 2016 - the revamped Ultimate Edition - with even better game play and enhanced compatibility with the best selling Times Square expansion.

Can you escape the Zombie apocalypse?

A Brain Crunching game of survival for 1 - 6 players. Fast paced, fun family board game! Become a Hero, battle Zombies, save survivors & escape the city, City of Zombies is a brilliant game that gets kids to do maths without realising it. It works with any age (5+) and any maths ability. Players of mixed abilities can play together, share ideas and learn from each other. It's played cooperatively so no arguments!

What's it like? Imagine Plants vs Zombies crossed with a version of the numbers quiz from the TV game Countdown. How does it work? Roll dice to try and stop the Zombies reaching the players safe house before the rescue plan arrives. Each game is different and the game can easily be adapted to focus on specific learning objectives, for example practising time tables or learning squaring and square roots. City of Zombies has been awarded Gold for Best Family Game and Best Numeracy Game in the 2014 IG Education Awards.

  • 1-6 players
  • Playing time 15 - 45 mins
  • Age 5+

Box contains

two sets of Zombie and Hero cards

24 Survivor cards

3 x six sided dice

Rescue plane turn marker

4 Conclusion cards

rules and game board


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