Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham

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Sheriff of Nottingham the Game

The classic party bluffing game from Arcane Wonders

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Prince John is coming to Nottingham! As a fellow merchant, I am sure you can see why this is as an opportunity for us to sell goods in the bustling city during the Prince’s visit. However, we must first get our goods through the city gate, which is under the watch of the “honorable” Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff of Nottingham is a fun and engaging game for all where each player will have the chance to step into the shoes of the Sheriff himself! Other players, acting as Merchants will attempt to bring their goods into the city for profit. Beware though, while many may act as honest merchants, there is always the possibility of contraband being smuggled into the city! Experience Nottingham in a whole new way! Declare your goods, deal with the Sheriff and secure victory in a fun-filled and exciting adventure!

3-5 Players

60 minutes Playing Time

14+ Suggested Age

Now, I love this game obviously, but… why? Well, the thing I liked about this game is I love the sheer act of looking someone in the eyes and trying to guess whether they told me the truth or not. And what I’ve found in every game of this I’ve ever played, that the people just drop into roles. You’ll see people pleading about children, and ‘Oh, I’m the new Sheriff in town’, the roleplay just comes through this.Tom Vasel · The Dice Tower

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