Ars Magica Through the Aegis

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The Ars Magica 5th Edition Through the Aegis

Ars Magica Fifth Edition The Roleplaying Game of Myth and Magic 

Through the Aegis is an Ars Magica Player's Sourcebook

The covenant is the heart of an Ars Magica saga. It hides secrets within its Aegis, secrets that may, across the ages, become hidden even from its own members. From the poverty and enthusiasm of Spring, through the glory of Summer, to the stability and power of Autumn, and thence to the decline of Winter, which may turn again to the flowering of Spring.

There's No Place Like Home.

Building a covenant from scratch can be a lot of work for players, as well as magi, so this book provides five fully detailed covenants, one for each season from Spring to Second Spring, each set in a different Tribunal. Whether you use the covenants as a base for your characters, as rivals, or just plunder the library to stock your own, this book is full of material ready for use in your saga.

Authors: Christian Rosenkjaer Andersen, Mark Lawford, Richard Love, Christian Jensen Romer

Cover Artist: Christian St. Pierre

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