Ars Magica Mythic Locations

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Mythic Locations

A supplement for the Ars Magica 5th Edition by Christian Rosenkjaer, Timothy Ferguson, Richard Love, John Post, Matt Ryan, Mark Shirley

Cover artist: Christian St. Pierre

Mythic Locations

The magi of the Order of Hermes call some of the greatest supernatural places of Mythic Europe home, but there is still much that they do not know. Four realms of power touch the world, leaving their varied marks on the landscape. These places hold allies and enemies, peril and reward, power and mysteries, even secrets.

Where do you want to go this season?

From a toy fair to Purgatory, from wolves to truffles, from poisoned ground to healing baths, this book describes ten locations ready to be dropped into your saga. While grogs might be glad to get out with their lives, magi are likely to want to visit many times to plumb all of their secrets. They might even want to move in.

These locations are waiting for the stories that your characters will tell.

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