Shadows of Esteren - Occultism

Shadows of Esteren - Occultism

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Occultism is the new book of the Shadows of Esteren series for 2015.

A Shadows of Esteren supplement covering ghosts and the occult and an adventure including extensive game aids and handouts.

Contents include:

- Occultism in Tri-Kazel - An introduction and overview of occultism in Tri-Kazel with many details about the skills of occultusts, the forbidden arts of sorcerors and the many powers of mediums.

- The Circle of Emergence - A description of an occult organisation including operations, objectives and members.

- A Tidy Room - A long scenerio that will confront the PCs with occult and supernatural dangers.

Started in 2012, spanning about 120 pages, this supplement is a “thema.” Each thema explores one of the strong themes of the universe. After The Monastery of Tuath, centered on the order of the monks of the Temple, Occultism details professions related to esotericism and mysticism. It includes many game aids and additional rules, as well as the long scenario, “A Tidy Room.”




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