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Best Left Buried - Deeper - indie OSR D&D style Fantasy RPG, published by Soul Muppet Publications

A hardcover compendium of all three core books from Best Left Buried: The Cryptdigger's Guide to Survival, The Doomsayer's Guide to Horror and The Hunter's Guide to Monsters.


Best Left Buried: Deeper is a rules-light, fantasy horror roleplaying game – where the monsters are scary, and you are scared. Players take the role of Cryptdiggers; professional dungeon-divers who venture into monster-infested crypts in search of riches. Within those dark tunnels, Cryptdiggers brave threatening environments, solve cryptic puzzles and face terrifying monsters. Those who survive might find themselves richer, but changed by their experience. They are often broken, beaten and diminished – as ruined as the crypts themselves.


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