BattleTech Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance

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BattleTech Inner Sphere Heavy Batle Lance


PLEASE BE AWARE there are two similarly named products - the Heavy Lance and the Heavy Battle Lance.Please double check you're ordering the minitures you want... as there's nothing quite so surprising as 4 giant battlemechs turning up at your house that you weren't expecting ;)

The BattleMechs of a Heavy Battle Lance are brawlers who combine effective offensive power and defensive endurance. The perfect hammer for a commander to swing against an enemy line they need cracked wide open.

Unleash the Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance on your enemies!

Nightstar, Cataphract, Axeman and Bushwacker

No assembly required.

Along with four MechWarrior pilot ards and four Alpha Strike cards. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike action!

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