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Hooks for Ars Magica 5th Edition

from Atlas Games

Hooks at a Glance

Integrate ready-made story hooks into your game with this Ars Magica supplement. Includes eight short storylines designed for single sessions or integration into a full saga. Includes NPCs and story elements to make Storyguiding easier.

Get Their Attention: More about Hooks

The magi of the Hermetic Order tend to be insular, staying in their laboratories and covenants unless drawn out by some irresistible force. Perhaps it is a bit of knowledge or treasure, or some danger that must be faced. Fuel your game with these ready-made story hooks and lead your troupe on an adventure you won't soon forget. This supplement provides eight short storylines that can be played in a single session. Integrate them into a full saga or play just one. Each storyline ties into an Ars Magica supplement, providing an opportunity to dig deeper into the elements that resonate with your group. Explore all that the world of Mythic Europe has to offer with Hooks.

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