Hi, we're Jo & Cris Watkins and this is Bonhomie GamesWe stock a delightful al la carte gaming menu of classic games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Dixit alongside new and innovative independent tabletop titles (especially those designed by women). We seek out and support new indie RPG & board game projects every year. 

We'll bring you family games, card games, co-operative and treacherous games, games for women and by women - providing some unique insight along the way.  


Some of our new arrivals can be seen below. Also check out our D&D, RPG and board games pages for more of our favourites.

Malleus Monstrorum Cthulhu Mythos Bestiary
Old price £74.99
£69.99 *
D&D Essentials Kit
£24.99 *
Quirky Circuits
Old price £47.99
£40.00 *
Hero's Journey Soft Cover + PDF
Old price £29.99
£19.99 *
Wavelength Party Game
Old price £29.99
£28.65 *
Cyberpunk Red RPG
Old price £49.99
£44.49 *
Dune RPG House Corrino Collectors Edition
Old price £80.00
£74.99 *
Call of Cthulhu Children of Fear
Old price £44.99
£36.99 *
Dune RPG House Harkonnen Collectors Edition
Old price £80.00
£74.99 *
Dune RPG House Atreides Collectors Edition
Old price £80.00
£74.99 *
The One Ring Starter Set
Old price £39.99
£38.99 *
The One Ring Core Rules
Old price £42.99
£41.95 *
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