The Dark Eye RPG - Spells and Rituals Card Deck

The Dark Eye RPG - Spells and Rituals Card Deck

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The Dark Eye is Germany’s premiere fantasy role-playing game, in continuous publication for more than 30 years, now in English in this exciting new edition. is proud to be a Retail backer of the recent 2016 Kickstarter which brought this game to the English speaking world.

From the Kickstarter we're delighted to be able to offer:

The 118 card Spells & Rituals Deck This card pack contains all magic cantrips, spells and rituals introduced with the TDE Core Rules.

It also includes Magical special abilities, protective and warding circles, staff enchantments, witch curses, familiar's tricks and elven magical songs as well as useful summaries and charts for spell and ritual modifications.

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