Adventurers Almanac Fantasy RPG Kickstarter

Adventurers Almanac Fantasy RPG Kickstarter

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Adventurer's Almanac by Michael Curtis

A Kickstarter funded system-neutral title for Fantasy Role Playing Games from Goodman Games

Bonhomiegames is a proud Kickstarter backer of this excellent title from Goodman Games.

These editions are hardcover (Kickstarter stretch goal).

* * * Alas like many of the Kickstarter copies that were shipped internationally, all our copies have minor corner crushing damage on one corner as a result of Goodman's normally-excellent shipping company making an error in packing. Some customers would not even notice this level of defect, but we strive to be the best we can be so felt it was only appropriate to mention it. * * * We hope that knowing you're part of the genuine Kickstarter historic goodness from Goodman will mean you will forgive them and us for this.

This fantasy sourcebook is structured around a fantasy calendar. Written like a fantasy version of the Farmer's Almanac, it provides hundreds of adventure seeds, organized around the passing of the seasons, fantastic holidays, and the movement of the calendar. It is written by Michael Curtis.

The Adventurer's Almanac is a terrific example of an inspirational RPG sourcebook, and sure to give every GM dozens of ideas for their next game. It is systems-neutral and usable in any RPG campaign.

Set a date for adventure with the Adventurer’s Almanac, the new fantasy roleplaying supplement from Goodman Games.

An entire year’s worth of adventure awaits you inside its pages, complete with magical items, interesting personalities, strange festivals, and dangerous sites to explore, all presented in a system-neutral format suitable for any fantasy campaign. The Adventurer’s Almanac also includes a fantastical calendar to bring structure to your game seasons loaded with more than 300 adventure seeds and a complete astrological system that gives characters personality traits, interesting benefits, and troublesome disadvantages to contend with.

Don’t let time run out on your campaign. Get the Adventurer’s Almanac today!

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