Thames Murders: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Thames Murders: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

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“The faculty of deduction is certainly contagious, Watson.”

   –Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Problem of Thor Bridge

The gaslit streets of Victorian London. Horse-drawn broughams, hansoms, and dog-carts rattle over the cobblestone streets, pulling their passengers through the pea-soup fog. On every street corner, you pass booksellers, clubs, prisons, music halls, doctors, tea houses, and steamship companies. Yet in the shadows and dark alleys of this great city, horrible and cunning crimes are committed daily, confounding the policemen of Scotland Yard. Still, even the most ingenious crime is only a puzzle for the world’s only consulting detective—Sherlock Holmes!

Ten fully revised cases for the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective line from Space Cowboys with the newest standalone box, The Thames Murders and Other Cases. Like the previously released Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures, The Thames Murders and Other Cases offers ten thrilling cases, each one drawing you into the mystery surrounding a deadly crime in the world of Sherlock Holmes. Whether you’re playing alone or with up to eight players, you’ll need everyone’s wits to solve the case.

Important note: The ten cases in The Thames Murders and Other Cases are the same ten cases released in the Ystari version of the game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, now fully revised and retranslated. The solutions and contents of some cases have changed.

  • Players: 1 - 8    
  • Age: 10+    
  • Avg. Play Time: 60-120 Min


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