Board Games

Board Games

Board Games stocks a range of convivial social games, board games and card games, specialising in independent games, and especially games designed by or for women.

Below are a few of our favourites.  Look below the images or use the drop down menu at the top of the page, to find our full list of game categories.


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Board Games

The core of what we present at is our range of award winning and indie board games.

Card Games

Card games are just that. Most often in a smaller box than board games, and typically more portable, quicker to play, and needing a smaller playing area, check our what is hot today.

Family Games

Family Games – these games are ones we recommend for playing as a family – we’ve given our suggested minimum age (but of course children vary). Some of these are particularly good Christmas Games – that elusive breed of game which everyone from the children to grandparents can play when they gather for a special family occasion like Christmas. 


Friendship & Treachery

These games are a mixture of co-operative games, games whose object is to obliterate your opponents and co-operative games with a 'twist' - the hidden traitor.


Secure your goggles, fasten up your trousers of teleportation, make a pot of hot tea, and saddle up for what is hot (and steamy) in Steampunk gaming.


Her ladyship rightfully demands the finest in silks and lace. Elegance should not stop at the wardrobe. Here at we like to take it to the gaming table too.

Indie & Kickstarter

The newest and most innovative board games in the market today, typically from the independent games manufacturers and often funded through Kickstarter

A Game of Thrones

Winter is coming.  Find out how to survive it here with our Game of Thrones themed products, including the Game of Thrones Living Card Game.

Star Wars

Until now only our closest friends know that we had long planned to walk down the aisle together, to the theme of the Imperial March from Star Wars.